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Expositions - Milsbeek Contest

To celebrate its 20th year anniversary, the magazine "Klei in al haar facetten" (all aspects of Clay) had organised a contest with the aim to make a certain piece of ceramics somehow related to this occasion. I decided to make a "Tree of Life" in a style similar to that of my graduation work, but of a different shape. The work has been constructed using a large number of tetraaeders, organised in 19 annual growth rings that - together with the bottom - form twenty layers, symbolising the magazine's 20 year existence.


left: the chairman of
KLEI, middle:
2nd prize winner Mrs. Hazelebach
on the right: myself..

uitreiking uitreiking

..and the chairman of the jury

An international jury selected my work for the first prize: a 50L electric kiln from keramikos!

Click here for more detailed pictures of the winning work.


bottom left: my work and that of Mrs. Hazelebach,
bottom right: my new kiln.

uitreiking uitreiking


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