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Bowl - Arabia

diameter 50 cm, height 16 cm, for sale

schaal2 schaal2

This bowl is a variation on an earlier work from 1999. It illustrates that a minor change can have a dramatic effect. Both objects have been made from pyramidal parts, but in this work, these building blocks have been folded open, giving an almost transparent appearance to the work from certain angles.

schaal3 schaal3
schaal3 schaal3

A typical aspect of the way I work, which is visible not only in this work but in all of them, is that a certain texture, a surface effect arises by the process of construction itself rather than by deliberate modification of the surface or by punching a pattern or anything similar into it. The scaly scin of a fish, crocodile leather, tree-bark, a pricking cactus, seashells or the interplay of lines in a plank are examples taken from nature that show how a growth process or an inner structure can lie at the root of a certain surface appearance. The same can be seen in my works: by coupling a number of simple geometrical bricks, a complex appearance is generated and minor changes in the elementary blocks cause a drastic change in the overall aspect.

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