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Bowl - Morocco II

diameter 50 cm, height 14 cm

This bowl is part of the collection of the ceramics museum in Ichon, Korea, where it has been exhibited in 2001, during the ceramics bienale (see also the exposition overview or the page about Korea).

detail binnenkant schaal detail buitenkant schaal
detail buitenkant schaal detail binnenkant schaal
detail binnenkant schaal schaal V detail binnenkant schaal
bowl bowl

In contrast to the previous three objects, this bowl was built inside a mould rather than onto one. To prevent the work from adhering, I put a mixture of 50% aluminum oxide and 50% kaolin on the inside of the mould. After construction, the work was fired together with the mould. Working this way, there was no need to go through riscy procedures in order to release the work from its mould. Another important aspect in which this bowl differs from the previous three is the multidimensionality of the individual elements. These geometrical shapes have been decorated with abstract signs that breath an Arabic atmosphere.

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